This Week at Gatewood: April 12-18, 2015


by Rob Colfax

Hello! I hope you’ve all had a great week wherever you are. We’re in the midst of NASCAR madness here this weekend, as you might have gathered from the Tuesday feature, so most of us are managing this by stocking up, staying home, and waiting it out ’til Monday. I hope it’s quieter where you are.

Here are our features for the week of April 12-18:

Monday:Fly With Me,” a gorgeous painting by an artist we’ve featured before, Delawer-Omar

Tuesday:Springtime at the Speedway,” some very humorous and timely poetry by Erin Abernethy that makes it almost like being right there in the thick of it, only you won’t smell like smoke afterward.

Wednesday:Like Me,” a second helping of humor for the week (I thought we needed a double dose!). This short piece by Johanna Rigby takes a poke or two at social networking. We hope you like it. 😉

Friday:Becoming,” our weekly meditation card featuring photography by P.L. Miller with a quote by Anaïs Nin. As a reminder, this can be downloaded for free as a meditation card, or you can use it as wallpaper for your phone or tablet. I like to download the new one each week so I have a different wallpaper to ponder every few days.

Our Special Assistant Dr Nicholas was apparently too busy playing hashtag games to make new memes this week. You can catch some of his efforts (and join in, if you like) on Twitter at #piglit and #geographyanauthor. Don’t forget to follow his Twitter feed to be updated whenever a new feature is posted here.

That’s it for this week at Gatewood. Enjoy your weekend, and visit us again soon!

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