This Week at Gatewood: April 19-April 25, 2015

Spring Greens 2 by P.L. Miller

Photo © 2015 by P.L. Miller. Used by permission of the artist.

by Frasier MacKenzie

Hello all! We’ve had quite an interesting week here – in the Chinese proverb sense of “interesting”! We certainly celebrated Earth Day, Dr. Nicholas’ birthday, and Arbor Day in style.

There have been high winds for this area, with several days of warnings from the National Weather Service. One day earlier in the week, this resulted in the dish blowing off the roof of Gatewood HQ (depriving us of Internet service for a day and a half). Not a big deal – many other folks have problems far worse than that every day. Service was restored the next afternoon by a very friendly and efficient technician. Hats off to – well, I was told I’m not allowed to disclose the name of the company or the technician; I imagine it’s probably against some rule for a cable or satellite technician to provide excellent service. Still, it happens occasionally, and we certainly appreciated it!

Yesterday a neighbor who chose to disregard the wind warnings burned some brush in his field, and the flames got out of control. A chunk of burning stuff blew over our parking area and landed on a pallet of mulch bags, starting a small fire. Fortunately, the fire department was already on the way by the time Mazie started barking about the flames out back, so the neighbor’s fire was contained before it spread any further. Rob’s handy kitchen fire extinguisher took care of our fire here. The neighbor was cited for burning without a permit and given a stern talking-to by the fire chief, though I doubt he’ll have to pay a fine.

Here are our features for the week of April 19-25:

Monday:Full Moon Over Earth,” photography by NASA

Tuesday:Baby Buffalo,” poetry by Geoff Hauser

Wednesday:12 Things I’ve Learned in 12 Years of Being a Cat,” by Dr. Nicholas

Friday:What is Life?,” photography by P.L. Miller and quote from Crowfoot

Remember, our Friday photo can be downloaded for free as a meditation card for your phone, tablet or computer. Share, print, ponder… enjoy!

Here are some favorite memes posted by our Special Assistant Dr Nicholas this week:

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That’s it for the Gatewood Weekend Wrap-Up for April 19-25. Enjoy the weekend, and try not to set the world on fire. Visit us again soon, won’t you?

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