This Week at Gatewood: May 3-9, 2015

Rooster Park PL Miller

Photo © 2015 by P.L. Miller. Used by permission of the artist.

by Rob Colfax

Hello! I hope your week has been good. The weather has turned balmy here with some days in the 80s, and the air conditioners have been turned on. I always dread that, because as much as I enjoy cool air, I hate how the volume of everything increases to compensate for the noise. And once the A/C comes on for the year, it pretty much has to stay on until late fall. That’s a long time for everyone to shout at one another.

But that’s a small thing. A friend in east Texas lost the biggest part of her house this week to a tornado (although her dog was saved, thank goodness). Another friend lost his father to pneumonia. My heart goes out to both of them, and I’m sure that they’d trade places and take a noisy air conditioner over what either of them are going through right now.

It’s just a reminder. Whether you know it or not, everyone you meet is going through something, so try to be kind.

Here are our features for the week of May 3-9:

Monday:Portus,” some very intricate artwork by Scottish artist Robert Kelly

Tuesday:Now We Are Old,” poetry by Rowan McConnell

Wednesday:12 Reasons Why Your Book Isn’t Finished Yet,” some great writing-based humor by Johanna Rigby

Friday:The Tangled Way,” photography by P.L. Miller and quote from Stanley Rosenthal

Remember, our Friday photo can be downloaded for free as a meditation card for your phone, tablet or computer. Share, print, ponder… enjoy!

Here’s a favorite posted by our Special Assistant Dr Nicholas this week:

too much catnip

If you liked this, you’ll want to follow @docnicholas on Twitter for cat humor, grammar gripes, and of course, daily updates on Journal posts.

That’s it for this week at Gatewood. Enjoy your weekend, and visit us again soon!

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