Cartoons (A Few Words from the Artist)


Photo via Pixabay.

by R. Kane

There is a war on drugs.
People are being shot on sight
with semi-automatic weapons,
and I am drawing cartoons.

Down at the Happy Valley Home
For the Mentally Wayward
an old lady is locked up
because she got the giggles
at her sister’s funeral
(she never liked her anyway)
and threw rocks at her nephew’s wedding
(he was always a no-account sort
who never called unless he wanted money).

Back in the real world
they put restraints and stipulations
on women’s bodies.
They maim, kill, and mutilate
over which is the correct color for skin
and the correct language for road signs
and whether to tell children the truth about science.
In twenty-five states
we are considered a crime against nature
and have no rights.

Old Miss Cleo has been under sedation for ten years.
I have had ink stains on my shirt cuffs
from ten years of sticking my tongue in my cheek
and biting it to keep from speaking up,
and they keep paying me to draw
more cartoons.

© Copyright 1990 by R. Kane. Published 2015.

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