Baby Buffalo


by Geoff Hauser


The Higgenbottom twins had a baby buffalo;

They asked me if I’d watch it while they practiced for their show.

We sat upon the stairs, baby buffalo and I.

(I was a bit surprised a buffalo could climb so high!)


The boy played piano and his sister played the flute;

They sang and danced around – it was really quite a hoot!

They played “Ain’t Misbehavin’” and some Gershwin tunes as well.

The buffalo and I agreed that it was pretty swell.


The baby buffalo suggested we could get an ice cream;

He said that riding in a car had always been his dream.

I wasn’t sure that he could fit into my car’s small seat,

So we contrived to get one from the Higgenbottom fleet.


We went to all the drive-throughs, ate ice cream ’til we were sick,

And then we ran around the park and played go-fetch-a-stick.

We ate a giant snow-cone and some cotton candy too,

Biscotti, nuts, and hot dogs from a food truck near the zoo.


The hour was late, I pointed out, we’d better get home now.

The twins would wonder where we’d been – their mom would have a cow!

We had a great adventure seeing sights and playing hookey,

And when we got home baby buffalo tossed up his cookies.



© Copyright 2015 by Geoff Hauser.

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