Q. Why is there no place to comment on the article I just read/photos I just viewed?
A. After much discussion, our artists and writers decided that we wanted to make this a quieter place – more like visiting a gallery or the library – where you can focus your attention more easily and enjoy the work without distractions.

Q. I notice there are no ads on your site. How can you operate without them?
A. We think it’s annoying to try to read an article or story while something at the edge of your vision keeps nagging you to buy shoes. In keeping with our choice to make the site free of distractions, we removed all ads except for the small one you see from time to time encouraging purchases from the CafePress site. Our share of those purchases goes directly to funding the site, and while there’s not a lot left over, it’s usually enough to cover expenses.

Q. I can’t find an article I saw a long time ago on your site. Can you help?
A. We’ll do our best! Our site has had several homes over the years, and it seems that during each migration we lose a few things. Most are backed up offline, though, so send us an e-mail at info@gatewoodjournal.org with a brief description – anything you can remember about it – and we’ll try to find it and get it to you.

Q. Why aren’t you on Facebook?
A. We’re on Twitter! The two are not mutually exclusive, of course, but we like Twitter. You can follow our special editor’s assistant @docnicholas and he’ll keep you updated whenever new posts go out.

Q. What is the meaning of life?
A. Um. It used to be 42 but that was several years ago, so adjusting for inflation and wind-chill factor and global warming and aerodynamics, it’s probably 67 by now. If you find out differently, let us know.

Addendum: The Ghost of Mary, who represents the talented Robin Sinclair, has just informed us that this figure is now off by .43. Please adjust your lives accordingly, unless you are calculating using the intrinsic-meaning method, in which case, carry on as usual in blissful ignorance.

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