Ley Lines, Armageddon & the End of the World (As We Know It)?

by D.V. Gray

They’re called lung meis, meaning “dragon paths,” in China and parts of eastern Asia. Western metaphysics knows them as ley lines, which is somewhat misleading since they’re not visible lines on the earth’s surface. However, for the sake of convenience and a common terminology, we’ll stick with the phrase “ley lines.” For those who are unfamiliar with the term, this refers to a geographic area of very high energy concentration. If you could see these areas and view them from an aerial perspective, they would appear as lines, criss-crossing the countryside, often appearing as spirals or circles in areas where the energies are especially strong. By “energies” I mean the general “feel” or atmosphere or “vibrations” – though this is an admittedly rather vague definition; it’s difficult to pin down in precise language.

People respond on a subconscious and even on a subatomic level to these energies. Imagine what might happen if this could be used for things such as healing – for increasing the drive toward enlightenment rather than feeding the impulses of aggression.

Ley lines were discovered through the observations of “supernatural” phenomena. Reports collected over years, when analyzed and compared with the locations of many church sites (which had been erected on what were sacred pagan sites generations earlier), revealed that unusual phenomena seemed to manifest primarily along lines connecting these “sacred centers.” (I’m omitting many details here in the interest of simplicity; for further information, check out Mysteries by Colin Wilson, 1978, Putnam Publishing Group, NY.)

By nature of this method of discovery, it’s been generally assumed that ley lines are relatively fixed areas of high energy which affect the world and its inhabitants in certain ways. The energies seem to be of an electromagnetic nature, and may be polarized – i.e., perceived as having a positive or negative nature. A center of “negative” polarization may manifest in ways such as inability to sustain life – for example, any tree planted on a certain site, no matter how healthy and well-tended, soon dies for no apparent reason. Or there seem to be an unusual number of accidental drownings at a particular spot on a river. Conversely, at a center of “positive” polarization the grass may grow unusually thick and green even though given no special treatment over the surrounding lawn. Or anyone who moves into a house built on one of these sites may experience unusual happiness and well-being regardless of what sort of life circumstances they may encounter. These examples only scratch the surface; the ways in which the energies of the ley lines can manifest are quite numerous. At any rate, it has been generally observed that the ley lines and energy centers affect us whether we are aware of their existence or not.

But are the ley lines and their energies affected by us in turn? This is an aspect that hasn’t really been investigated – and realistically, there’s no reliable way to determine this within the scope of our present capabilities. But if we take what we do know about how the energies affect us, and apply it to the question, we can make an educated guess that the energies do, in fact, flow both ways. As the currents of the ley lines affect the physical world, so are they affected by the physical world.

When the discovery of these currents was made, it was at a time and in an area of considerably lower population and less modern technology than we now have. Since that time the population has exploded–and more people means more individual collections of energies, for after all, each of us is a small deposit of the same sort of electromagnetic energies as those found along the ley lines; the ley lines affect us by “raising the voltage” and creating an exchange of energies when someone comes close enough to be in contact with them. So the energies have increased (in the sense of becoming more widespread) upon the surface of the earth as our population has grown; and by the continuous exchange of energies between ourselves and the “subterranean” currents, the forces of the ley lines have become more highly concentrated than ever.

In addition to distributing the surface energies more widely via population growth, we have also increased the number of structures on the face of the earth… we have taken more and more raw materials (especially metals) out of the earth to be used on its surface… we have increased the use of electricity drastically just over the past half-century… we have criss-crossed the surface of the earth with railroads made from these metals and electric lines carrying currents of power… and we have created means for bouncing radio waves around the world. This is certainly not a protest against the increase of technological advances and the use of resources – but when one considers all these drastic progressions since the discovery of the ley lines, it prompts the question of whether such rapid changes might not affect the ley lines themselves in some ways. After all, we don’t know if the locations which were designated as ley lines at the time of their discovery were always such; they may have been anyplace before humans learned to intuit such things and observe phenomena in a semi-rational way.

The very nature of existence is change. It may be slow or rapid, but the energies of life are kinetic, not static. Nothing that is alive in any sense of the word remains eternally fixed; there is always change of some sort. So it is not unreasonable to assume that the ley lines, being areas of energy (which is kinetic), move under certain circumstances. We can infer that they don’t generally move very rapidly – if they did, they could hardly have been discovered in the first place.

Just to make things even more interesting, throw in the influence of astronomical phenomena such as moon phases, planetary alignments, eclipses and the like. It is well-known by now that the moon’s pull has a great influence on our oceans and other bodies of water. In doing so, human thought and behavior is affected as well, humans being made up of a rather large proportion of water and other liquids as far as biological composition is concerned. If you doubt the influence on human behavior, check the statistics. Police records indicate that a considerably greater number of murders and violent crimes are committed during times of the full moon. Mental institutions also report that their admissions rate skyrockets during the full moon. These are just two rather obvious examples that come readily to mind.

Continuing along this digression of the biology of the human body and brain, note how much of the body and its chemistry is composed of metallic substances in one form or another. Consider the relationship of electricity to water (and other liquids, to a lesser degree); then factor in the relationship of certain metals to magnets. If the energies of the ley lines are literally electromagnetic in nature, this opens up a rather large realm for speculation on exactly how these things will interact (because it is clearly certain that they will interact – the only questions lie in the unpredictability of how they will do so and what the effects will be).

Influences such as eclipses and planetary alignments are far less certain; theories are more diverse because reliable correlations have not been established in these areas as they have regarding lunar effects. So we cannot really explore those influences other than to say that they may have an effect as well, but in some very unpredictable way.

Having noted sufficiently that all these influences and energies seem to interact and exchange, let us go back now to the question of whether the ley lines move. It now seems quite likely that they would naturally shift in a very gradual way – but when rapid changes affect the surface of the earth, the ley lines may begin to shift with proportionate velocity.

To what areas would they logically shift? Considering the nature of the energies, the lines are most likely to move toward areas of high magnetic or metallic density or sites of high electrical concentration: railroad lines, electrical towers, hydroelectric dams, etc. “Crossings” would seem to be logical “power centers” (for instance, a spot where railroad tracks cross a river); the crossings of ley lines have traditionally been the sites of highest concentration where “sacred centers” have been noted and upon which churches have often been erected in later years.

It’s entirely possible that this rapid shifting and reconfiguration could cause the energies to flow in such a way as to produce very unstable effects in both the inhabitants of the earth as well as the earth itself and its atmospheric conditions. People respond on a subconscious and even on a subatomic level to these energies, and our thinking and actions are often the physical manifestations of these currents. Hence there is a general sort of global discontent and restlessness which provokes acts of violence and frustration; people act without knowing that they respond to these energy currents as well as each other.

On a geological level, the shifting energies may already be creating shifts in the material substance itself, forming new fault lines (and relocating or enlarging old ones) which make the entire global mass liable to instability and further radical shifts. In conjunction with the atmospheric changes and general global warming and so on, this also causes massive shifts in the waters upon the earth. To put it concisely, the electromagnetic energy currents shift, and while people are behaving so irrationally that there could easily be a “military Armageddon” at any moment, the very planet is changing under our feet in such a way that there may be massive flooding and earthquakes. One could speculate that if Atlantis did exist, this may have been what happened – advances on a mental and technological level were made so rapidly that the energy currents shifted radically in a very short period of time and the earth shifted in response to this, allowing the continent to flood and sink under the sea.

I do not speculate in this way to alarm anyone, only to convey the necessary sense of urgency. Things are shifting very rapidly, and it will be those who have learned to adapt quickly to the shifts who will be able to weather the coming storm. Returning to the metaphor of the lung meis or “dragon paths,” the ley lines are the routes along which the energies – symbolized by the dragons – run. The medieval idea of averting disaster by slaying the dragon will do no good, for we are the dragon as the dragon is within us; we are inextricably linked. These energies are our life force, our vitality; to “kill” them – to sit still and attempt to confine or choke them – is to commit spiritual suicide. Remember from science class, “energy can neither be created nor destroyed”? You are wasting your time if you think you can “kill the dragon”; it will only transform into something else.

And perhaps that is what we should bear in mind at this time: great transformations become possible when massive energies such as these are in a state of flux. Catharsis is facilitated; “change” need not mean that we become angry victims of some powerful force which we do not understand. Imagine what might happen if this could be used for things such as healing – for increasing the drive toward enlightenment rather than feeding the impulses of aggression.

The challenge at this time is to learn to attune to your own energies, discover your capabilities, and strive for balance in the exchanges of energy that take place between you and others, and between you and the source.

© Copyright 1998 by D.V. Gray. Republished 2004, 2011, 2015.

[This article previously appeared in SKOPOS Vol. I No. 1, and is archived here in an updated format by permission of the author.]

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