Looking for Love with a Radio Telescope


by K.C. Collins

“Someone for everyone?”

I don’t believe the universe has that much interest
in micromanaging details,
preoccupied as it must be
with spacecraft escaping boundaries,
unintended species so close to mingling
among the galaxies,
asteroids hurtling around and
threatening to erase some of its more
vivid displays of talent.

If the universe is sentient,
it’s got bigger things on its mind.

No, under the circumstances,
I’d have to say
there’s no planning –
more like random fish dumped into an aquarium
to see who lives best with the least care,
or mice in a maze,
avoiding shocks, looking for cheese,
and the odd copulation in the sawdust.
You’re on your own, kid.

© Copyright 2015 by K.C. Collins


Photo “NGC 2818 by the Hubble Space Telescope” via NASA.


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