Hermetic Perspectives

Choosing a Method of Divination (A Beginner’s Guide)
Daniel Livingston & J.P. MacKenzie

Convert Not
Hunter MacKenzie

Curses and Clues
Hunter MacKenzie

A Heretic’s Guide to Religion
Erin Abernethy

Ley Lines, Armageddon & the End of the World (As We Know It)?
D.V. Gray

Liber Tzaddi: Initiation, Balance, and the Eternal Companion
D.V. Gray

Out-of-Body Experiences: A Review of the Literature & Discussion of Potential
J.P. MacKenzie

The Psychology of Ritual
D.V. Gray

Rites of Spring
Compiled by Erin Abernethy & Hunter MacKenzie

Rites of Winter
Hunter MacKenzie & Erin Abernethy

Seven Questions on Life & Death
D.V. Gray & Hunter MacKenzie

The Tarot: A Compendium of Divinatory Meanings
D.V. Gray, Queen Z & Hunter MacKenzie

The Twelve Nights of Autumn
Erin Abernethy

Hunter MacKenzie

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