The symbols on these cards are called pentacles, which in ancient times were metal disks inscribed with magick formulas. In this suit, the pentacles are inscribed with the five-pointed star called the pentagram – a symbol of the magic arts and the five senses of man, the five elements of nature, and the five extremities of the human body. Here, they represent money, acquisition of fortune, trade – or whatever is considered to be acceptable to the querist as currency or exchange. Pentacles are sometimes referred to as Coins or Disks, and are strongly associated with money and one’s means of subsistence.

The direction is east, the temperament bilious. The creature here is the gnome, a being of the earth. This is the suit of merchants. When referring to a specific person, it is usually someone dark; it may also indicate someone who has money issues (someone having difficulty holding a job, someone who makes smart investments, etc.).

ACE OF PENTACLES – A new financial beginning, or a new enterprise or place of work. The beginning of wealth and material gain. Gold, prosperity, combined with pleasure and beauty. Perfection and contentment. Speedy intelligence. Eternal synthesis, the great whole of the visible universe, the realization of counterbalanced power.

Reversed: Miserliness, greed. A false start. A new downtrend at one’s workplace. Comfortable material conditions, which may not be to the advantage of the querist. The “evil” side of wealth.

TWO OF PENTACLES – Two sources of income juggled, possibly causing some anxiety and difficulty. Artist’s way of making a living. An uncertain and unpredictable income. The ability to handle two situations at one time. Lightheartedness, gaiety. Recreation. Harmony in the midst of change. New projects may be difficult to launch. News and messages in writing. A nature industrious yet unreliable, elated and then melancholic. Cognitive dissonance; attempting to deal with an ambiguous or paradoxical situation.

Reversed: Inability to handle several situations at once. Simulated enjoyment. Being compelled to act as though having a good time. Hypocrisy.

THREE OF PENTACLES – Material increase. The master craftsman, the skilled artist. Gain in a commercial transaction. This is the card for members of the Masons and other such guilds, groups and affiliations. Artistic labor. Prestige for creative work. Networking. Possible connections with the “upper class.”

Reversed: Commonplace ideals; preoccupation with gain. Mediocrity in work. Lack of skill. Ignorance. Selfishness. Pettiness.

FOUR OF PENTACLES – Assured material gain, success. Gifts, legacy, inheritance. Acquiring material possessions, possibly property. Equating money and material success with security. Achieving a position of power or prestige, but leading to nothing beyond it. May indicate a miserly, ungenerous character. May indicate a packrat or hoarder, one who holds onto things out of irrational fears.

Reversed: Wanting what your neighbor has; competitive acquisitions. Overspending, being too free with money. Chance of loss of possessions. Inability to share. May indicate suspense concerning money, possibly delays. Hindrances. Setbacks in material ambitions. Possibly unclear boundaries where family holdings are concerned. May indicate prejudice, suspicion, clannishness – distrust of others’ motives, or assuming that others are only interested in your money.

FIVE OF PENTACLES – Monetary cutbacks, financial setbacks. Unemployment, destitution. Loss of home. Loneliness. Lovers unable to find a meeting place. Dark night of the soul. Adaptation to new and difficult circumstances. Affinities discovered through similar troubles. Difficulties which may draw people closer together.

Reversed: Money regained after extremely hard work. New employment, but this may not be permanent. Prostitution – may be in a literal sense, or may be simply selling one’s abilities in distasteful work. Disorder and chaos; ruin. Discord due to strained finances. May indicate a vice that drains one’s resources. Charity. May herald a new interest in spiritual matters that arises from the experience of material loss.

SIX OF PENTACLES – Possibility of unexpected money for the querist. Funds dispensed fairly; gifts, inheritance. Gain in material undertaking. Others will share with you fairly. You will receive what you deserve. May also indicate generosity on the part of the querist; philanthropy and donations.

Reversed: Purse-proud. Bad debts. Present prosperity threatened. Gifts given, but as a bribe. Envy and jealousy. Unanticipated monetary loss.

SEVEN OF PENTACLES – Ingenuity and hard work pay off, but money may not come immediately. Temporary delay of funds. Pause during the development of an enterprise. Anxiety about a loan. Unprofitable speculations. Loss of promising fortune. Disappointment. Success not attained.

Reversed: Impatience. Little gain after much work. Investing much time, energy and hard work but getting little in return for one’s efforts. A thankless job. Concern about a loan, or anxiety about money in general.

EIGHT OF PENTACLES – Learning a trade or profession. The beginning of a profitable undertaking. Employment or commission to come. Skill in material affairs, handiwork, and the arts – sometimes remaining only in the apprenticeship stage. Craftsmanship. Unfulfilled success, but almost there; continue applying steady and consistent effort. Building up credits and skills.

Reversed: There is danger of failing in one’s ambitions. Unwarranted pride; overestimating one’s abilities or influence. The con artist. Skill turned to cunning, like that of a counterfeiter. Disillusionment with one’s work. Loss of ambition. Greed.

NINE OF PENTACLES – Solitary enjoyment of the good things of life. Inheritance. Wisdom where one’s own interests lie. Material well-being. Being prudent with resources pays off with a measure of security. Accomplishment; perfected work. Possibly a person who is a healer, or the healing process in general. May indicate a person with a green thumb. Great love of gardens and home. Well-controlled thought. Discernment and good taste.

Reversed: Danger from thieves. Cancelled project. Possible loss of home or friendship. Move with caution. Bad faith. A killjoy; a jinx; one who casts a blight on anything they touch.

TEN OF PENTACLES – Riches, inheritance. Attention to family matters, interest in one’s ancestry. May refer to the acquiring of a house or business property. Family matters; home life. Prosperity and material gain. Interaction with persons of many different age groups or generations. May also indicate a pension or a gift of money.

Reversed: Family misfortune; some individuals may become a burden. Loss of inheritance. Caution against getting involved in projects that are a poor risk. A fatalistic attitude. May indicate a robbery or other loss, possibly through gambling. A problem concerning a will or pension.

PAGE OF PENTACLES – Respect for knowledge and new ideas. A serious, quiet, studious youth. A scholar; a typical introvert. Desire for learning. Can also mean application; reflection. Good management, carefulness. The bringer of good news and messages about money. May indicate someone with obsessive-compulsive behaviors.

Reversed: Dissipation and excess. Too great pleasure in the material things of life. Wastefulness, luxury. News of the loss of money or worldly goods. Recklessness with resources. Disinterest in learning, inability to apply ideas. Slacking off; laziness. Inattention to detail; sloppy or careless work.

KNIGHT OF PENTACLES – An individual of upright nature who accepts responsibility. This person is laborious and patient. Responsible, reliable person, patient and methodical. Ability to conclude a task. Steady income. The card can also mean utility, serviceableness, trustworthiness. May be the coming or going of an important matter connected with money.

Reversed: A static nature that is unprogressive, dull, timid, idle or careless, It indicates stagnation in one’s affairs. Laziness. Carelessness. Discouragement. Inability to follow through.

QUEEN OF PENTACLES – A person of security and generosity; may be money-connected. Intelligent, soulful person, acting freely. One who is rich but charitable, a truly noble soul willing to share resources. A creator on the physical plane. Security and living well. Pragmatic and down-to-earth; a forthright nature. Trust of those around one. At times melancholy or moody. Good use of practical talents.

Reversed: Mistrust, suspicion. Fear of failure. Duties neglected. Dependence. Capriciousness. Ostentatiousness; a tasteless display of wealth or talent. One who revels in the misfortunes of others and is not above orchestrating a competitor’s downfall.

KING OF PENTACLES – An intelligent, successful person with a good mind for figures; a loyal and reliable friend. Probably money-connected, possibly connected with the querist’s work – a manager, or someone in an advisory capacity. A reliable (probably married) person, and a mathematician with great financial gifts. The card can also betoken a steady temperament, slow to anger; success where money matters are concerned and reliability. May indicate a chief of industry, a banker or owner of large estates.

Reversed: Stupidity. Perverse use of talents. Thriftless. Easy to bribe. Vice. Caution against association with gamblers and speculators. If crossed, could be a dangerous individual. Weakness, ugliness and corruption.

© Copyright 1993 by D.V. Gray, Queen Z & Hunter MacKenzie. Revised and republished 2005, 2006, 2007, 2011, 2013, 2015.

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