Wands, sometimes called Rods, Batons, Clubs or Staves, are growth and work oriented cards. These cards pertain to energy and enterprise; they are suggestive of the constant renewal of life and growth. The associations are with the world of ideas and creation in all its forms. These cards prompt you to examine how your circumstances encourage your development and evolution as an individual.

The salamander is the animal associated with Wands, being a creature which, in mythology, inhabited the element fire (for which the suit stands). Wands are also associated with lions. The direction assigned to Wands is south; the temperament of Wand people is sanguine. This is the suit of the laborer and the seeker. When they refer to a specific person, it is often a blond-haired or red-haired person, usually with blue eyes; however, it may also refer more generally to someone who is involved in the growth process (a student or apprentice, etc.) or one with a strong work ethic.

ACE OF WANDS – Beginning of an enterprise, invention, or project; can also refer to starting a family. An opportunity for growth or something of a creative nature being offered to the querist. Perhaps the beginning of a journey, an adventure, an escapade. In general, a fresh start, a new beginning (new work, new school, etc.) A fortunate move.

Reversed: False starts. Canceling of a new enterprise. A journey deferred. Clouded joy. Possible ruin or fall. Decadence that interferes with or distracts from progress.

TWO OF WANDS – Desire mixed with pure thought, a balance between the two. Boldness, courage in embarking on an enterprise. The employment of scientific methods. Influence over another. Kindness and generosity – yet a proud and unforgiving nature. A mature, dominant individual, perhaps a leader or ruler. Contemplation of large-scale plans.

Reversed: The good beginning has turned against the querist. The mind overruled or tainted by the emotions. Restlessness, stubbornness, fear, physical suffering. The isolation sometimes associated with power.

THREE OF WANDS – Realization of one’s hope. Established strength. Nobility, wealth, power. Caution against pride and arrogance. Partnership. Help will be offered by a successful merchant or one who is knowledgeable in your field. Enterprise, trade, negotiations, business acumen. Practical knowledge. A management job, responsibility. Doing what you do best.

Reversed: Beware of help offered. Wealth may slip away. There may be treachery and disappointment. Possibly the end of some difficulty or suspension of adversity, though not necessarily in a favorable way.

FOUR OF WANDS – Perfected work; rest after labor. Peace, prosperity, harmony. Romance, a coming marriage. Completion of one’s work or current phase of work.

Reversed: Though the meaning remains the same, there will not be quite the same fullness of peace, prosperity, and success.

FIVE OF WANDS – A quarrel; energies being directed into more negative actions. Violent strife, rashness, competition. Fights, arguments, bickering, disagreements with people. Obstacles. Lawsuit. Struggles. May indicate battles over things that are insignificant in the long run (but which nevertheless expend a great deal of energy). In the battle of life, boldness is necessary to change things for the better.

Reversed: Generosity. New business opportunities. Victory after surmounting obstacles. Disputes, contradiction–possibly on a lesser scale, perhaps resolved by litigation or mediation.

SIX OF WANDS – Victory after strife. The querist has retained his principles and a point has been made. Pleasure gained through labor. Success through industry. Advancement in the arts and sciences. Friends are helpful. Also indicates news that has been expected or hoped for.

Reversed: Rewards are delayed. Insolence of the victorious. Watch for successful enemy. Apprehension; paranoia, fear of disloyalty or treachery.

SEVEN OF WANDS – Feeling under siege, but having a position of advantage over one’s enemies. Standing one’s ground. Overcoming challenges, surmounting obstacles. Defending one’s beliefs if challenged. Negotiations and bartering. Competition in business or trade. The power of your convictions brings certain success against the opposition.

Reversed: Ignorance, pretense. The querist is threatened. Caution against indecision. Embarrassments, anxiety, confusion. Being unable to defend one’s position, not standing up for one’s beliefs. Inability to voice one’s objections.

EIGHT OF WANDS – Approach to a goal. Swift activity. Things may be moving too quickly. Great haste, great hope, too rapid advancement. That which is on the move. Hasty communications and messages. May indicate many simultaneous projects in various stages, all approaching the goal but not there yet. Possible journey by air.

Reversed: Delay, stagnation in business or affairs of the heart. Arrows of jealousy. Internal disputes. Ambivalence. A nagging conscience. Too many irons in the fire. Errors or oversights due to haste.

NINE OF WANDS – One who has fought and is prepared to fight again. Protecting one’s territory. A pause in a struggle. Preparedness, strength in reserve. Eventual victory, but steady force must be applied. Tenacity, staying power, good health. Strength in opposition. Expectation of difficulties and being prepared for them. Suspicion; perhaps hidden enemies.

Reversed: Weakness, ill health. Adversity, displeasure, obstacles to be overcome. A possible catastrophe. The opposition may take advantage of any lowering of your defenses at this time.

TEN OF WANDS – A burden almost more than one can manage. Oppression, too many responsibilities. Excessive pressures. Look for more efficient ways to carry out the task; think more, sweat less. Don’t make a martyr of yourself. Power unwisely used or not regulated properly. A refining test by fire, the heart tried by pain. Problem soon to be solved. Delegation of some of one’s responsibilities may be a viable option. May indicate a time to reassess one’s position, even one’s goals; it is possible that they may not bring the benefits anticipated for anyone involved. If this card is followed by the Nine of Swords, any success may appear insignificant, even foolish.

Reversed: Intrigues, separation, emigration. If a lawsuit is pending, there will be some loss. Difficulties. Contrariness among colleagues. Be wary of sharing your problems at this time, and avoid those seeking to unburden themselves on you.

PAGE OF WANDS – Courage, beauty. A nature sudden in love or anger. A questing person. A fiery youth–may be a new lover; this person is loyal and can be trusted. May also indicate a stranger with good intentions. A messenger or postman; a bearer of news. If this card appears next to a card representing a specific person, there will be favorable comments concerning the individual. Could indicate a dangerous rival if followed by the Page of Cups.

Reversed: Cruel, unstable, domineering. Someone who may break your heart. Unpleasant news. Anecdotes, announcements, malicious gossip. Also, indecision and the instability which accompanies it.

KNIGHT OF WANDS – A young person, possibly a warrior, filled with energy. One who can be a generous friend or lover, but also likely to be cruel and brutal. One who is hasty in all that is done. Knights in a spread may also mean the coming or going of a matter. Young person in motion; depending upon the position of the card, the person may be either coming toward the querist or leaving. This card is often a strong indication of a change of residence, emigration, or quick departure.

Reversed: The would-be lover turns jealous, creates conflict. Discord, frustration, lack of energy. Work interfered with. Interruption. Division. If you are considering a move, it is not likely to occur at this time.

QUEEN OF WANDS – One with great power to attract that which one wants, fruitful in mind and body. Love of nature and home, practical with money and sound in business judgments. If the card does not represent a particular person, then it represents these qualities: success in undertakings, love of home and growing things, kindness and generosity. A person of integrity, quick-witted and keen, energetic. Someone with far-reaching vision.

Reversed: Domineering, obstinate, revengeful; likely to turn suddenly against another without cause. If married, could be unfaithful. One who does things out of obligation rather than genuine interest. May indicate opposition, jealousy, deceit and infidelity, and the logical consequences (loneliness, sadness, deprivation). Short-sightedness or a lack of vision. Possibly a maternal figure with issues regarding indebtedness.

KING OF WANDS – Conscientious person, active and determined. Handsome and passionate, agile in mind and body. A “country gentleman” type, generally married. Loyal and noble in spirit, of good family. Sometimes too quick to trust or give others the benefit of the doubt. If no particular person seems to be involved in the spread, you will find these traits: honesty, friendliness, passion. The card may mean unexpected heritage; a good marriage.

Reversed: Intolerant, prejudiced, ill-natured. Severe and ruthless. High-principled to a fault. An essentially good person who may show a blend of austerity and tolerance.

© Copyright 1993 by D.V. Gray, Queen Z & Hunter MacKenzie. Revised and republished 2005, 2007, 2011, 2013, 2015.

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