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Spring Photos in the Gallery

A couple of new photos are featured in P.L. Miller's section of our Gallery. Check out the new shots, and while you're there, why not visit some of our other artists and photographers? Enjoy!

11 April, 2010


Still Here, Are We?

Many of us have wrestled with the dilemma of feeling one's purpose in life has been fulfilled (or mucked up beyond repair), yet here we are, still lingering in the physical world and wondering, "What now?" If you've wondered too, check out Erin Yes's latest posting, a brief article about artist/philosopher Paul Johnston: "The Old Man Speaks."


11 February, 2010


Living Alive by Erin Yes

Our collection of articles on Consciousness Expansion has been updated with a new piece by poet/writer Erin Yes.

"Living Alive" touches on the development of intuition from childhood, and its function as a catalyst in manifesting unconscious urges through outward actions. It also discusses the importance of becoming aware of various levels of one's own stream of consciousness.

This article is "an overview of the life story and ideas of a man I knew in the 1980s," writes Erin. "He was one of the last survivors of the Bohemian generation who lived in Greenwich Village. His ideas came later in life, after a death and revival experience. He believed, as many Bohemians did, that man is essentially primitive."

Erin is writing a novel about his life and ideas and their friendship. You can check out more of her work on her blog at


06 January, 2010


Buttons Are Back

We've been revamping the hub pages on the site in order to make them more accessible across different browsers. Hopefully there will be improved compatibility with the Firefox and IE8 browsers now. As we've been working on this, we also brought back the cool wooden navigation buttons down the left side of each hub page. More updates are forthcoming so check in here or subscribe through your favorite RSS reader to keep up with the latest additions and tweaks.


20 November, 2009