Self-Help Books You Won’t Find in Your Local Library

by Erin Abernethy, Patrick Redding & Rob Colfax

Don’t Sweat the Big Stuff: Using Denial in Everyday Life

I’m OK, You’re One Sick Puppy

Seven Spiritual Laws of Getting By: A Practical Guide to the Avoidance of Your Worst Nightmares

When So-So Things Happen to Average People

People Who Don’t Do Too Much: Learning to Cope With Your Co-Workers

The 7 Really Annoying Habits of Highly Ineffective People

The Highly Paranoid Person: How to Survive When the Massive Government Conspiracy Overwhelms You

Three-Alarm Chili for the Soul

Meditations for ADHD: When You Don’t Have Time to Sit Still and Breathe

The Five Million People You Meet in the 9th Circle of Hell

Not-So-Final Exit: A Complete Guide to Faking Your Own Death

How to Win Friends and Blackmail People

What Your Doctor Never Told You: The Worldwide Cooties Cover-Up

He’s Just Not That Into Your Cat

Anger Management: A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach to Stewing in Your Own Juices

Affirmations for Unemployed Philosophy Majors

Making Meth, Selling Crack and Robbing Liquor Stores: The Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Tax-Free Income

The Comprehensive Stalker’s Guide to Finding Anyone Anywhere

Salmonella Is Not a Spice: Avoiding Food Poisoning in Down-Home Cooking

Take a Pill! A Pharmaceutical Handbook for Self-Medication

Why Johnny Won’t Read: Literary Sensibility in the Gifted Child

Deep-Fry Your Way to Better Health!

Passing for Normal: A Highly Intelligent Person’s Guide to Dumbing Down and Making Small Talk

Frivolous Lawsuits for Fun and Profit

When Daddy Won’t Talk: A Family Guide to Coping With the Drunk on the Couch

When Grandpa Won’t Shut Up: Another Family Guide to Coping With the Drunk on the Couch

The Do-It-Yourself Exorcism Handbook for the Layperson

Step-By-Step Home Surgery for the Uninsured (101 Medical Procedures You Can Do in Your Own Basement)

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner! The Fat-Free, Carb-Smart, Low-Cal, Politically-Correct Cookbook

WhO r u tALking 2? wHat evEry paRenT shOuLd knoW aBoUt sNoOpiNg arOunD iN yoUr cHiLd’s cOmPuTeR

© Copyright 2006, 2013 by Erin Abernethy, Patrick Redding & Rob Colfax

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