That Awkward Ride Home

by Matthew Wiebe

by Erin Abernethy

His profile was fine,
his interests being books
(both writing and reading them),
cats, and photography.

His personal ad was
grammatically correct,
free of unnecessary abbreviations;
he looked just like his photo,
smelled nice, had no obvious

At our second meeting
he sheepishly admitted to
a few harmless kinks;
no problem, I said –
I’ve a few deviations myself
(some that might make his
thinning hair stand on end).


on our third date,
he asked me to
wear cat ears
and fuzzy tail
and purr
“I can haz hot dog?”
in his ear…


I did not LOL.


© Copyright 2015 by Erin Abernethy.

Photo by Matt Wiebe via Unsplash. Licensed CC0 1.0 Universal.

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