The Monkey-Man’s Dilemma


by Geoff Hauser

Would you live among the savages
If it meant you could be free?
Would you sunbathe in a mud bath?
Would you sleep up in a tree?

Would you give away your money
To the children of the world?
Would you donate your computer
To a school of gifted squirrels?

Do you find it much appealing
Sitting in a suit and tie
Dozing off in the divorce court
While your wife is telling lies?

I have heard of Eastern mystics
Meditating in the rain
And I’ve often thought Thoreau
Might have made it rather plain

I would grow a tail to swing by
I would munch on nuts and leaves
And I wonder if a holy monk
Can laugh like chimpanzees?

© Copyright 2001 by Geoff Hauser. Republished 2003, 2004, 2011, 2015.

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