This Week at Gatewood: July 12–18, 2015

clockwork heart

by Johanna Rigby

Hello, and thanks for stopping in for the weekend wrap-up! We’ve been continuing to add a few tweaks to the site as well as updating our publishing schedule. This week we culled outdated links from our blogroll; it’s now been renamed to “Writers We Like” because we’ve added some new sites that aren’t blogs. There are some really good writers in that list (which randomizes itself every time you visit so that no one’s on the bottom all the time), so when you’ve finished reading here, be sure to check out some of their work too.

Our publishing schedule has now moved to a 6-day format to give you visual arts Monday and Wednesday, poetry and other writing on Tuesday and Thursday. The meditation card photo stays on Friday, and Weekend Wrap-Up stays on Saturday.

Here are the features for the week of July 12–18:

Monday:McCovey 44,” painting by Zengael

Tuesday:To a Lover on the Other Side of Time,” poetry by F.X. MacKenzie

Wednesday:Fractal with Purple Lensing,” art by Devin Moore

Thursday:Iraqnophobia,” satirical humor by Erin Abernethy

Friday:Art and Healing,” photography by P.L. Miller with quote by psychologist Rollo May

The Friday photo can be downloaded for free as a meditation card or wallpaper for your phone or tablet, or you can print it as a standard 4×6 from your computer. Share, print, ponder… enjoy!

Our Special Assistant Dr Nicholas brought us some good humor this week:

special assistant

Be sure to follow his Twitter feed. It’s the official Gatewood Twitter account, and he posts an interesting mix of Gatewood announcements, poetry links, mental health articles, and general silliness.

Just a reminder, you can now subscribe to Gatewood Journal and have it delivered monthly to your e-mail. It’s quick and easy, and you’ll never miss a feature. We won’t spam you with a bunch of other stuff, and your information stays completely private. Hit the subscription box and make an e-pigeon happy!

That’s it for this week at Gatewood. Have a great weekend, and visit us again soon!


Header artwork via MorgueFile.

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