This Week at Gatewood: Weekend Wrap-Up for February 15-21


by Rob Colfax

Hello, and a good Sunday afternoon to you! It’s been a cold, snowy week here, and it’s brought out the polar bear in all of us, I think. Here are our features from the week of February 15-21, 2015.

Monday: Astrophotography from SLWorking: The Milky Way near Stonewall Mine in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park

Tuesday: Poetry from Hunter MacKenzie: Kestrel

Wednesday: Humor/sketchy advice from Johanna Rigby: 7 Ways to Leave Your Lover

Thursday: Gratitude/appreciation post from Heather Caine-Givens: Three Things Thursday

Friday: Photography/creativity from P.L. Miller: Morning Palette

We did not post a Saturday feature this week. After much discussion, we’ve decided to pause the Saturday Concert Series. This was a very difficult decision, as we love supporting independent music and quirky musicians, and bringing you shows from bands you might not otherwise stumble across. However, the hours involved in researching for this feature take a huge chunk out of our writers’ and artists’ creative time, and we must regretfully let it go for now.

We’ll be moving the Weekend Wrap-Up to Saturdays beginning the 28th of February, and there will be no post on Sundays. This will give us a  much-needed “catch-up” day each week. The rest of our posting schedule will remain unchanged.

Here are some of our favorite memes our Special Assistant @docnicholas posted on Twitter this week:

If you enjoyed these, do follow @docnicholas on Twitter. Whenever he’s not napping, he’ll keep you up to date on our daily posts.

I nearly forgot to mention that we’ve added a new feature to our menu bar: if you go to the Gallery, there’s now a drop-down menu so you can access individual artists without having to sort through quite so much work. We’re still in the process of transferring some of the work there, but most of it’s been moved so you won’t encounter dead links. We plan to do the same with the writers’ work very soon.

That’s it for the Weekend Wrap-Up for the week of February 15-21. Have a great week!

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