This Week at Gatewood: Weekend Wrap-Up for February 9-14


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by K.C. Collins

Here’s your Weekend Wrap-Up for the week of February 9-14, 2015:

Monday: “9 States of Consciousness” by Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado

Tuesday: “The Monkey-Man’s Dilemma” by Geoff Hauser

Wednesday: “Some Thoughts on Love, Sex, and Relationships” by “Queen Z”

Thursday: “Three Things Thursday” by Rob Colfax

Friday: “Solitude” by P.L. Miller

Saturday: Saturday Concert Series #14: Randy Newman

Throughout the week, our Special Assistant @docnicholas posted a number of memes to his Twitter timeline. Here are our favorites:

We made a slight change in coding this week in an effort to make the links more visible in each piece. We’re also trying out a new puzzle feature (below); you should have the option to work them onsite or print out as you like.

As always, we invite you to follow @docnicholas on Twitter to be updated on our daily posts. That’s it for the Weekend Wrap-Up for the week of February 9-14. Have a great week!

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