This Week at Gatewood: Weekend Wrap-Up for March 2-7

polar bears

Photo via

by Rob Colfax

Hello, and welcome to the weekend! It’s been a crazy weather week here; we’ve had temperatures in the mid-60s, resulting in a lot of snow-melt and flooding, and acres of slush and mud – and temperatures in the low teens, which froze everything solid again.

It’s enough to make a person decide to roll over and hibernate a bit longer. But as Mazie reminds me (several times a day!) there are dogs to be walked and mail to be sorted, and writers to be edited and fed and watered – wait, what?!

I’ll go sort this. Make yourself comfortable, browse around, and see what we did this week.

Monday:Ballet of the Trees,” photography from Katz Bleu

Tuesday:Revolutions,” poetry from Faze with artwork by Delawer-Omar

Wednesday:Opportunity Knocks!“, humor from Hunter MacKenzie, Xavier, and “Queen Z”

Thursday:Three Things Thursday,” our weekly exercise in appreciation; this week’s post is from Frasier MacKenzie

Friday:Landscapes of Consciousness,” photography by P.L. Miller with quote from Terence McKenna

Don’t forget, the Friday photo is a free download for your phone or tablet; share it, print it, ponder and enjoy.

Our best Special Assistant @docnicholas brought us some fun this week:


Be sure to follow him on Twitter to catch the latest updates. And speaking of Twitter, we managed to give his profile page there a bit of renovation this week. Drop by and check it out.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and thanks for spending time with us. See you again soon!

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