Three Things Thursday 2015/03/12

Doc Nicholas

by @docnicholas

After months of cajoling and assuring our editor that I would NEVER use LOLcatspeak, I’ve finally been allowed to write a blog post! This week’s Three Things Thursday, the brainchild of, is about some of my favourite things. They are in no particular order.

red plaid blanket

#1: Red plaid blanket! Warm fuzziness for naptime, stringy fringe for playtime.


#2: Cleo’s Maui Wowie catnip! The name says it all.

cat reading book

#3: Books! Although I really enjoy the paw-touch screen-responsiveness of e-readers, I still like to have a good selection of the old-fashioned paper books on hand for when the batteries go flat.

Now then, what’s making you purr this week?

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