Three Things Thursday


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by Rob Colfax

Over the weekend our Special Editor’s Assistant @docnicholas sent me an idea he found online through Sourcerer, who passed it along from Nerd in the Brain, who encourages everyone to steal her idea and spread the happiness. “Three Things Thursday” is an exercise in gratitude where you use your blog to share “three things from the previous week that made you smile or laugh or appreciate the awesome of your life.”

Since I’m very keen on gratitude exercises and know that at least a couple of our staffers work very hard on the concept as well, I think this is a grand idea. Our writers plan to take turns with it from one week to another, as we do with the Weekend Wrap-Up, so that everyone gets a chance to appreciate what’s good in life even at times when it seems like nothing’s working. (When you get several writers and artists in a room together, everything is bigger: the ideas, the silliness, the triumphs, the blues, the times when everything’s spot-on in the groove as well as the times when the soundtrack of life is a phonograph needle doing the scratch-hiss and bump at the end of the record and no one has the energy to change it.)

So… three things that I appreciate:

1. Our staff. They’re enormously talented, and unlike many places I’ve worked, every single one of them is completely committed to making the Journal work. Many of them volunteer their time and talents, and quite a number of them are multi-talented. Our best proofreader is a photographer; we have a poet who writes code (which is in itself a kind of poetry), and an artist who fixes any printer or computer that ever gives anyone a glitch. They are a unique crew and I appreciate every one of them.

2. Mazie, my spaniel. She brightens up the house since my daughter’s away at college, and she loves EVERYONE. A LOT. She’s  not really a watchdog type; when I had unexpected company the other night, she didn’t bark or go to the door because she was too busy drooling into the carton of raspberry ice cream I left on the table while I went to turn on the porch light. But she’s the most affectionate dog I’ve ever had, and I really don’t know what I’d do without her.

3. I appreciate that with every day along the calendar, we’re getting a little more daylight. It may be a negligible amount, but it’s enough to tip the scales and make life a little better. Every extra minute counts when you’re still in the middle of winter.

And that’s what’s made my week happy so far. What’s making YOUR life a little better this week?

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