To a Lover on the Other Side of Time

leaves and sky

by F.X. MacKenzie

Let us go into the green
and meet the eyes from last night’s dream
perchance to speak aloud the thoughts
we dared not think
I know
that you will be there
your name spelled out for me
in the shadows of the leaves
your scent borne to me on the breeze
Wander my way, closer now
not by chance but by desire
a wish that forms the circumstance
of might and may
forged into will
The day is young
with light enough yet to see the unseen
Leave behind the maze of reason
the thorns of because
and bring me only that one flower
you know the one I mean
Open up your garden gate
and let us watch the worlds slide through
like starships in the night

© Copyright 2001 by F.X. MacKenzie. Republished 2013, 2015.

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